Streets in Mind

Photographer: Alan Schaller


New York, New York

Walking through the streets of Manhattan with Alan Schaller feels a lot more like a good time with an old friend than it does making a film. However, if trying to make a film at the same time, well, that was a challenge.

How do you film a street photographer without infringing on the space and disrupting a scene of “every day life”? And how do you capture an artist that walks and clicks at any given moment without warning? That was tough. My solution: shoot everything and hope for the best. I had my doubts though.

But in post, I was thrilled with some of the shots we were able to capture and the street photographer film gave me some leeway to edit a piece with a little more grit and edge. It’s also the first project I’ve created that’s mostly black and white.

Anton Lorimer Link

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